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Design Trends 2022

Are you a little bit lost in design trends, seeing them coming and going every year? Questioning what is the next BIG design trend? Read more to see exactly what will be trending in the user interface design realm for the upcoming year.

The metaverse

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The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users (sometimes called cyberspace).

  • A mix of technologies meets

  • Digital economy - users create, buy and sell goods

  • Will handle thousands or even millions of people at once

  • At the beginning and evolving

Extended reality (AR, VR)

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Banking - self-service options:

  • robo advisor

  • multimodal interaction-based kiosks to deliver information about products and services

  • 3D Data visualization - better understanding

Artificial intelligence

Image source: Cortana UI

  • famous voice assistants - Microsoft - Cortana, Apple - Siri

  • Medical field

  • Video industry - Tik Tok, ...

  • Banking - related to UI design: onboarding, risk assessments, tailored solutions etc.

3D and animations

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3D elements and animations can provide a better understanding and enhance visual interest.


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  • Came after neomorphism

  • Better accessibility than neomorphism (if used properly and sparingly)

  • Glass look, frosted effect

Organic shapes

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Interactive gradients

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90’s nostalgia and retro

Image source:,

Opposite to all previous trends, we will be seeing this flat retro trend with simple shapes and emojis.

Big, bold, experimental typography

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Black and white

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Black and white designs stand out between all of these colored designs on design forums like Dribbble.

Dark mode

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  • Improved visibility

  • Reduces power usage for mobile phones

Super apps

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A super app is a mobile application that provides a variety of seemingly unrelated services via a single mobile interface.

Design systems

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  • Ensuring brand consistency and fastening design workflow.


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